January 4, 2008

The Church

Join us as we exchange our vows at the Church of Saint-Séverin in Paris.

The church is located in the 5th arrondisment of Paris, in the Latin Quarter. This is a very lively touristy area which is closed to traffic, so everyone will be walking and peering into the many quaint bistros and restaurants the area is famous for.

Saint-Séverin is one of the oldest churches that remain standing on the Left Bank of the Seine and is just a stone's throw away from Notre Dame Cathedral.

It has all the elements of a Gothic church...

Stained glass windows...

Vaulted ceilings....

and of course it won't be complete without the friendly neighborhood gargoyle (or is this a gryphon?).

The church is named after Severin, a 6th-century hermit, who was closely associated with St. Martin, the patron saint of travelers. Parishioners used to hang horseshoes here as a sign of thanksgiving for their safe return from a journey.

The exact address is 1, rue des Prêtres-Saint-Séverin, Paris, and the closest Metro station is the Saint-Michel station.

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