January 5, 2008

The Reception

If you can get to the church, you won't have to worry about getting to the reception. It's right next door, as in.. you will just cross the street (alley, actually). The restaurant, Baladin Rive Gauche, is a family-owned place that serves traditional French fare.

Nina's cousin, Ate Imee says, the attitude of most French chefs is, "What I serve, you eat!" And while many of us who love salt, pepper, ketchup, kalamansi, toyo and suka with our food may have a problem with this -- well, the chef is usually right.

We really wanted to give everyone a taste of traditional French fare so we really, really hope you enjoy the dinner.

Oh, and aside from the food, we hope you'll enjoy the music. The place is also a jazz bar so we'll have a jazz band performing that night. So aside from an empty stomach, please bring your dancing shoes.

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